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We are often told that we should hide our sexuality, keep it hidden and stay within the lines of what is deemed ‘appropriate’. From censorship in the media to being shamed about what we wear in public, there are expectations, norms and stereotypes put on women that prevent us from exploring this side of ourselves.

Until now.

There is so much more focus on the female body, from discovering our pleasure to understanding our menstrual cycles and it’s allowing us to become so much more empowered and confident in ourselves.

Now that we are feeling more confident to explore ourselves and what we like, whether we choose to put this out into the world or keep it at home behind closed doors – lingerie is becoming an incredible way to express ourselves and explore different ways to enjoy our bodies.

From elegant lace sets to something a little more kinky like some of our PVC and wet look lingerie – allowing self expression in this way in this way, allowing us to explore all aspects of our sexuality and what makes us different, our likes and dislikes in the bedroom, we are allowing ourselves to experience a whole other level of pleasure, that we have been preventing ourselves from experiencing before.

And lingerie is helping us do that.

Lingerie isn’t just about lingerie anymore, it’s about feeling good in your body, discovering what makes you different, empowering yourself to feel good, for yourself and for a partner, it’s about allowing yourself to break free from the restrictions society has put on you and becoming your most confident self.

  • Empower Yourself With Lingerie.

    Ravenna Corset

  • Empower Yourself With Lingerie.

    Mehendi Soft Cup Bra

  • Diamond Lingerie Set

    Diamond Set

  • Empower Yourself With Lingerie.

    Crystal Basque Corset

Charlotte Johnston

Meet the Author

Hey, I’m Charlotte Emma Johnston, an Intuitive Coach and Healer. I help reconnect women back to their intuitive power so they can embody their magic and radiance, create their dream work life and attract their perfect partner.

Find out more about Charlotte and her work on her website.