We all know that wearing the right bra can make or break an outfit – but did you know that wearing the right, or more importantly, wrong sized bra, can have a long term effect on your health? Check our simple bra size guide below to make sure you’re choosing the perfect fit!

Pinching, Rubbing & Chafing

These are things we’re all likely to have experienced when wearing the wrong sized bra; leaving those unsightly, and often painful, strap lines and chafing marks. By measuring yourself and selecting the right bra size for your shape, you can ensure you’re getting the best fit, that won’t leave you desperate to free the girls after a long day at the office.

The Dreaded Quad-Boob

You’ve picked your most fabulous outfit, your hair and make up is flawless and the accessories are on point, but oh no… your bra is creating the dreaded “quad-boob” or you’ve got armpit bulge! The right underwear, and especially the right bra, can make or break your outfit, creating bumps where there shouldn’t be, or gaping and exposing a little too much. The right sized bra will help you create that beautiful, smooth silhouette, without any extra bumps or gaping.

Breathe Easier

Feeling like it takes extra effort to inhale deeply? You could be wearing the wrong bra size! There’s significant research that shows wearing a bra that is too small across the back can restrict the movement of the ribs, leading to shallower breathing and a reduction in the amount of oxygen in our blood. A lack of oxygen in the blood can cause many short and long term health issues including an increase of stress on the body. Other potential concerns include headaches and fatigue in the short term, and anxiety and possible cardiovascular issues on the longer term. This issue can be easily solved by making sure you are wearing the correct bra size for your shape!

So how do I determine the ‘right size’ for me?

We’ve created a really simple bra size guide below on how to measure yourself to find the perfect fit! Follow the steps below and then check out our great range of bras here.

Bra Size Guide

Bra Size Guide Step by Step

Step 1

Take your tape measure and measure around your ribcage or underbust (where the band of your bra will sit) and record the measurement in inches. The tape should be snug but not noticeably tight. If you fall between sizes, for example 35 inches, you can round this up to a 36 band size.

Step 2

Measure around the fullest and widest part of your chest and record the measurement in inches.

Step 3

Subtract the band measurement your recorded in Step 1 from the cup measurement you recorded in Step 2. The difference between the two numbers will reveal your cup size: 0=AA  1=A  2=B  3=C  4=D  5=DD  6=E  7=F  8=FF  9=G  10=GG  11=H  12=HH

Step 4

Combine your band size from Step 1 with your cup size from Step 4.


Now you’ve found your perfect fit take a look at our stunning range of bras here!


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