Corset’s have been around since the fifteen-hundreds, and like everything, have fluctuated in style and popularity through the centuries. This has resulted in a mass of different types and uses, which can make it difficult to know which is best for you and your lifestyle.

Some people enjoy wearing corsets for purely aesthetic reasons, whereas others use them for much needed support or to achieve a different shape. There are, of course, different styles that each suit various needs, so let’s look at a few of the most common.



Some women still rely on corsets for their original use; support. Corsets have long been used by working women throughout history, primarily because they provide ample back support and help to maintain proper posture. Another perk of the corset is that its design allows it to distribute the weight of breasts, reducing the strain on the back and shoulders, meaning women with larger chests may find it more comfortable to wear a corset than a typical bra.

A sweetheart overbust corset with rigid boning is the ideal style of corset for offering support whilst still flattering your body, and for complete peace of mind that no wardrobe malfunctions will happen, a corset with shoulder straps will have you covered (literally!). Take a look at some of our rigid boned corsets here.


The most popular use, and first thing that comes to people’s minds when corsets are mentioned, is an exaggerated feminine silhouette. Many, many periods of women’s fashion throughout history have been defined by the classic corset and the tiny waist and large hips that have become synonymous with the garment. To this day people still revere this hourglass shape and use the corset to attain it.

We are strong advocates for everybody feeling sexy and strong in their body, whatever the shape, but if you’re looking to enhance your natural curves then a shaping corset can help. We love elasticated shapewear corsets, over the more sinister steel boning variety as they are typically more comfortable for day-to-day wear, and still help to achieve your ideal goal.

It’s important to note that whilst wearing a corset that fits your body is absolutely safe, the trends of tight-lacing or long term waist training seen on many celebrities and influencers can cause organ damage, and also lead to digestive issues. Only wear corsets that are the correct size, and if you experience discomfort then a different style might be a better fit.



An obvious favourite is corsets as lingerie! A timeless, classy staple that looks gorgeous with matching panties, stockings and suspenders, and is sure to make you feel your most sensual self. Most lingerie corsets come as co-ords, saving you the struggle of finding pieces that perfectly compliment one another, and we have a large selection available for you to choose from.

Corsets with suspenders already attached are a great choice if you intend to wear stockings, especially if suspender belts aren’t to your taste. Simply clip the stockings into the suspenders and you’re good to go!

There’s no wrong choice with lingerie corsets, since most are made of softer, stretchier fabric and prioritise comfort and flexibility over squashing or shaping the body. Therefore, simply choose a design you love and feel your best in.


Your Guide To The Perfect Corset
Your Guide To The Perfect Corset


A lot of brides opt for corsets on their special day, not only for the shape and support they provide, but also because they’re so beautiful. Loads of dresses incorporate corsets into their bodices, but if yours doesn’t and you’d still like to wear one, then just pop it underneath! We have a stunning variety of bridal corsets available, both with and without straps, and all come with a matching thong or briefs, so planning your wedding lingerie will be completely stress free.

We’d recommend steering clear of any tight or restrictive corsets for your big day, as you don’t want to be struggling to move or breathe and inhibit your fun. Therefore, a fitted corset with semi-flexible boning would be best.



As we’re sure you’re aware, the trend of wearing corsets as tops started popping up around 2015, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Still frequently spotted on celebrities and runways, it’s a classy look that’s easy to work with and suits any body type. Any overbust corset works, and underbust corsets can look lovely over a shirt or blouse to provide a feminine twist. Our corset collection is sure to have something for everyone, and will look perfect paired with skirts or jeans for a daytime look, or tailored trousers for stylish evening attire.

There are also various fastening methods with corsets; some use zips, some hook and eye closures, and some the classic lace-up. Different people prefer different ways, but generally zips are the most functional for day to day wear, hook and eye can be a little fiddly but gives a stunning result with a bit more room for adjustment, and lace-up styles are best if you’re wanting to go for a traditional corset look or if you’re using the corset to achieve an hourglass shape, as it allows the most customisation in terms of fit.

Here at the Corset Shop we have corsets in a range of styles and colours, so there’s sure to be a perfect match for you. Remember, the only right or wrong when it comes to lovely lingerie is whether you feel confident and comfortable in it, so go ahead and treat yourself!

If you order one of our corsets we would love to see you looking stunning in it! Send us a snap on Instagram, @thecorsetshopofficial, or tag us in your post!

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