Our pleasure isn’t discussed enough.

Yet it is something we have a right to feel deeply and often.

Pleasure is essential to a healthy life, especially orgasms, and when we understand more about what we find pleasurable, we can almost guarantee better and potentially more orgasms. Orgasms are incredible for relieving stress, they can help alleviate pain, they stimulate your brain and tap into your creative energy, they can help you live longer (if you have enough), they could also help you stay young and so much more(1).

So to summarise, we should all be finding more pleasure in life.

As women, it is easy to not focus on our pleasure, we aren’t taught or exposed to much healthy pleasure knowledge or imagery, so it is up to us as women to find out what turns us on, explore what we find pleasurable and most importantly own it and be empowered by it. This will enable us to communicate these desires with confidence and help to deepen our relationship to ourselves and to others.

One of the best ways to understand your pleasures is by knowing your erotic blueprint. There are 5 different blueprints, energetic, shapeshifter, sensual, kinky and sexual. Each have their dos and don’ts and it’s most likely you’ll find you’re a mixture of a few. But there is usually a dominant type which affects you most when it comes to your pleasure.

If you’re energetic, the energy of an experience has to be right for you to feel comfortable and therefore feel pleasure. If you’re sensual you are more likely to feel pleasure when your senses are satisfied, a tidy space, candles, sexy lingerie and a nice smell. Without knowing it, when these things aren’t how we like them, we can easily be turned off, or find it very hard to actually be in the moment and feel pleasure.

It is so important to explore these parts of you, for yourself and for the people you want to connect with. We are all so unique and it can be very difficult to connect with others when we’re unsure of what we love (or don’t love) ourselves. And wouldn’t it make it so much easier if we just had a little more information on what to and what not to do when we’re trying to be in the moment?

So what are you waiting for?

Find out your erotic blueprint here https://surveyanyplace.com/s/eroticblueprint%20 and get playing.

1 – https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/orgasm-health-benefits

Charlotte Johnston

Meet the Author

Hey, I’m Charlotte Emma Johnston, an Intuitive Coach and Healer. I help reconnect women back to their intuitive power so they can embody their magic and radiance, create their dream work life and attract their perfect partner.

Find out more about Charlotte and her work on her website. 


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